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Five Things You Should Do After a Construction Accident in Houston

Work on any construction site in Houston and you’ll know that there are hundreds of hazards scattered around. Your employer works hard to keep you safe from those hazards (or at least he should) by setting out a number of rules and guidelines. If someone makes an error or breaks from the rules put in place, you could get seriously hurt.

What to Do After an Injury on a Houston Construction Site

If you were hurt on a worksite, the steps you take following your injury can have a major impact on your claim. Here are five things you must do to protect your family:

  • Let your supervisor know about the accident. The first thing you must do following an accident on a construction worksite is let your supervisor know. You don’t want anyone else to get hurt in the same unsafe area. Letting them know about the risk allows them to secure it as quickly as possible. It also documents exactly what happened.
  • Get medical care. Going to the doctor or emergency room may seem like the last thing you want to do. However, not getting medical care right away can cost you physically and financially down the road. No matter how minor your injury may seem, it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible after a serious accident.
  • Keep a journal with all your records. The paperwork and records for your injury play an important role when trying to get a fair settlement. Keep notes of your symptoms, your visits to the doctor, and about any talks you may have with others. With this information written down, you won’t have to worry about not remembering an important detail.
  • Take pictures. Another important piece of evidence is images documenting what happened. Take pictures of the worksite where the injury happened, the damage to your body, and any other images that could help you tell the story visually of what happened to you.
  • Contact a construction site injury lawyer. Filing a claim against your employer, subcontractor or a general contractor is not easy. You have enough to focus on while you recover from your injuries without having to worry about whether or not you’re getting full justice and compensation. With help from a Houston worksite injury lawyer skilled in fighting these claims, you can rest easy with the peace of mind that your claim is being handled in the best way possible.


Serious injuries can happen as a result of someone not paying attention or following the rules when working in a hazardous area. If you know of someone who was hurt in a construction site, we encourage you to share this article with him so that he can be sure to follow all the necessary steps and get a fair settlement for his claim.