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You Shouldn’t Have to Pay for an Accident You Didn’t Cause! Let the Attorneys at the Law Offices of Cristóbal Galindo Help You Get the Settlement You Deserve

Your day started out like any other day. You may have been driving to work, to do errands, or to visit your family. Suddenly—seemingly out of nowhere—another driver loses control and collides with your car. Now you’re faced with life-changing injuries that will stay with you forever.

In Houston, car accidents like this happen when one careless driver makes a catastrophic mistake. Although the other driver may have been apologetic at the scene of the crash, you may quickly realize that you face an uphill battle when it comes to dealing with the insurance adjuster and getting fair compensation for all the pain and trauma you endured.

Let Support From the Trial Lawyers at Cris Galindo’s Law Firm Ease Your Recovery

At Cristóbal Galindo Law, our team of trial lawyers understands the pain you’re in. We know how serious car accidents in Houston can be, and the overwhelming aftermath your family faces after a collision. No matter how your auto accident occurred, we have the experience, skill, and dedication to fight on your behalf so that you get every bit of compensation you are entitled to after a crash.

  • Car Crashes. When another car slams into you, the impact can be strong enough to cause serious pain and injury. In order to get the treatment you need to make a full recovery from these injuries, you may have to go to multiple doctors, stay home from work, and more. You shouldn’t have to pay the high price when a crash was not your fault. With Houston car crash attorney Cris Galindo and his team of trial lawyers backing your settlement claim, you get an experienced lawyer defending you against the insurance company.
  • Motorcycle Accidents. As a biker, you love riding when the weather in Houston is beautiful, and the exhilarating feeling of being out in the open air. However, when something goes wrong and someone collides with your bike, you are exposed and in jeopardy of serious injury. Although the driver may not have been injured, you could face severe pain and long-term suffering. You need an attorney to stand up for your rights so that you can get the best outcome possible after a serious motorcycle crash.
  • Big Rig Collisions. Just by driving next to an 18-wheeler truck, you can feel the size and weight difference. When the truck driver makes a critical error and you’re in their path, you suffer the most. Trucking companies employ highly skilled attorneys to defend their truck drivers and pay you as little as possible. The attorneys at Cristóbal Galindo Law understand how these company attorneys work, and know how to stand up for your rights when fighting for your settlement.

With Help From Our Trial Lawyers, You Won’t Have to Pay for the Mistakes of Other Drivers

Injuries from a Houston auto accident are unlike any other you’ll experience. The impact of a car accident can leave severe injuries hidden beneath the surface, making it difficult to know the extent of the damage caused until long after the crash. For this reason, it is critical that you do not take a fast settlement from an insurance adjuster. Instead, work with our team of Houston personal injury attorneys and have the confidence that your case will be handled effectively..

We know what it takes to help you get justice! Contact the Law Offices of Cristobal Galindo today to learn more about how Houston personal injury attorney Cris Galindo and his team of trial lawyers can help your family get justice. Our personal service, and professional experience give your family the care, support, and help you need to get the best outcome possible in your case.

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