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Was Your Family’s Home Damaged by Hail or Other Bad Weather? If your Homeowner’s Insurance Didn’t Cover All the Damages, Attorney Cris Galindo may be able to help.

A hail storm or wind storm may not seem like it damaged your home when you first inspect it.  But when your roof is damaged, water can leak in and the structural integrity of your home could be in jeopardy.

Weather storms in Houston and surrounding areas can sometimes cause severe damage to your home. Broken shingles and windows are only what you can see on the outside. What is more bothersome is that, these types of damages can cause big problems for a home owner, and sometimes insurance doesn’t pay the whole bill.

If a Hail Storm or other bad Weather Caused Damage to Your Home, You May be Entitled to Compensation.

Many homeowners don’t know that insurance companies use there own appraisers to value the damage to your home.  Their job is to give as low of an estimate as possible. .

No matter how good your home owner’s insurance may be, you could still face thousands of dollars in additional bills for damages that should be covered. In addition, if your home isn’t properly repaired, it could be badly damaged.

You’ve paid your premiums. You shouldn’t have to pay more out of pocket because your insurance company underestimates the damage to your home.

Let Houston Hail Damage Attorney Cris Galindo and his Team of Trial Lawyers Stand Up for You

Don’t try to fight the insurance companies on your own. The laws and regulations for consumer protection in Texas are complicated and difficult to understand. When you try to fight on your own, you could receive a much smaller settlement than you deserve simply because you’re forced to negotiate with an insurance adjuster who is experienced in the law and motivated to pay you as little as possible.

If your home was damaged by the weather, we can help!

  • Hail Storms
  • Wind Storms
  • Lightning
  • Tornados
  • Hurricanes

Attorney Cris Galindo and the entire team at Cristobal Galindo Law understand the law. We know the tricks the insurance adjusters might play to try to pay you less, and we know how to overcome those tricks by putting the law on your side.

Our team is ready to help your family fight back against the greedy insurance companies. Contact us today to get started with your claim!

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