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Was Your Family’s Life Shattered After a Workplace Injury in Houston? Attorney Cris Galindo May Be Able to Help

You go to work every day assuming your employer has done everything he can to make your workplace as safe as possible—including purchasing workers’ compensation insurance to cover you if you are hurt.

If you work in construction, with your hands, or in a busy office, you know how easily accidents can happen. When they do and something goes wrong, you may be left injured and unable to do your job. After a serious or catastrophic injury at work, you pay a big enough price with the pain and suffering you have to endure. You should not have to also pay financially.

Don’t Get Punished for Someone Else’s Mistakes After an On-the-Job Injury

Unfortunately, injuries happen in the workplace. No matter what industry or company you work in, if someone fails to follow the safety protocol, or if they make a critical mistake, you may be the one left to pay the price.

A worksite injury can happen when:

  • A subcontractor fails to secure a piece of equipment, causing you to fall and seriously hurt yourself.
  • A construction site is not left in a safe condition the night before, and you severely hurt yourself after tripping over loose wires and materials.
  • A general contractor did not properly warn you of an unsafe area of your office, causing you to get hurt.

Accidents can happen anytime, and anywhere. When they do, you need help to avoid having to pay the price for someone else’s poor judgment.

Fight Back With a Houston Worksite Injury Lawyer on Your Side!

Before your accident, you assumed your employer would cover you if something went wrong on the job. Now that you’re hurt, it may shock you to learn that your employer did not obtain workers’ compensation to pay for your expenses.

Going after our employer to seek payment for your pain and suffering can be an emotionally overwhelming experience. That’s where we can help.

At Galindo Law, our family of worksite injury lawyers in Houston has helped many innocent victims get the compensation they need. Through a deep understanding of Texas workers’ compensation laws and employee rights, we know what it takes to fight for your claim so you don’t have to. With attorney Cris Galindo and his team on your side, you may be able to get more money than you knew was available to you, protecting your family from having to pay for the mistakes of someone else.

If you are hurt, don’t try to fight your claim alone. With our experienced help handling Texas worksite injury claims, you can focus on your recovery with confidence that you will get justice for your pain and suffering.