We won’t settle for denials, delays, or unfair compensation on your property claim

Insurance exists for a reason. We, as policyholders, pay those costly premiums to the insurance company - and in return we get some assurance that we are protected if the unexpected should ever occur.  We put good faith in our coverage and expect to be fairly considered when we make a claim.  Unfortunately, not all insurance companies uphold their end of the bargain. Some insurance companies outright deny, reduce, or delay your claims without proper cause.

We have represented thousands of injured individuals and property owners for property damage due to explosions, fires, flooding, hurricanes, hail, wind, and other more.  These types of events are often disastrous and leave a wake of destruction that interrupts business, cause personal injuries, and create extensive property damage.  At Galindo Law, we know that you shouldn’t settle for less from your insurance company, especially when you need it the most.

Natural Disaster Insurance Claim Types:

Home Exterior


We provide legal support on government actions that affect your property

Sometimes there are decisions by local, state or federal government officials that directly impact your private property. Inverse condemnation lawsuits occur when private property has been damaged or seized by the government for public purposes without compensation to the property owner.

Inverse Condemnation is a complicated area of law with varying jurisdiction rules. It takes a skilled and accomplished attorney to represent your best interests and to challenge the government in and out of court. Galindo Law is tried and true in the practice of inverse condemnation and stand ready to help you win.


secure your future

With 20 years of experience, and millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts, we have the knowledge and resources to handle a variety of personal injury and property damage claims.

Cases are accepted on a contingent fee basis, meaning you don’t pay anything out of pocket expenses.

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