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When an accident or injury happens, life can change unexpectedly and in an instant. Whether relatively minor, or quite oppositely catastrophic, many victims and their families face losses and burdens that hadn’t existed before. Real consequences result in new challenges and limitations: pain and suffering, medical expenses, inability to work or perform as before, financial strain, instabilities, and so much more.  It’s all the more tragic when an accident results in a loved one’s death or a destructive event strips away a family’s home.

Personal injuries or damages to personal property resulting from negligence, wrongdoings, and acts in bad faith deserve investigation - and justice. When you are hurt at the fault of another you and your loved ones should seek legal advice and compensation for financial hardship. The legal process can sometimes seem overwhelming and confusing, but hiring the right attorneys, with experienced teams to support you throughout, can make all the difference. At Galindo Law, we listen. We care. Above all, we represent you and your family’s best interests.


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At Galindo Law, we work diligently to recover the highest awards for your case.  More importantly, our committed team sees you as more than a number. We see you as a person in need and know that your situation is unique, requiring the utmost care and attention. We are seasoned in loss, and advocate on your behalf with the highest standards.  At the end of the day, we are only successful if our clients are on the right road to recovery.