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We're all familiar with Denver traffic and the potential dangers we face while driving in the city. Whether it is a collision with a car, truck, motorcycle, commercial vehicle or even as a pedestrian, accidents happen all too frequently. The majority of automobile collisions are caused by the negligence or fault of an individual. Unfortunately, this means others may be harmed because of someone else’s mistake. As a consequence of their actions, the individual who caused the wreck is liable for the expenses you have incurred as a victim of their negligence.

At Galindo Law, our attorneys and staff are dedicated to assisting Denver victims injured in motor vehicle accidents.   We are aggressive in pursuing monetary compensation for sustained injuries or loss of a loved one due to another person’s careless behavior.

Serious Traffic Accidents Demand Attention

Our vehicle accident lawyers have experience with collisions and injuries involving:

  • Automobiles

  • Commercial Vehicles

  • Motorcycles

  • ATVs

  • Mass or Public Transit

  • Buses

  • Aircrafts

  • Boats


You shouldn’t have to pay for a car accident that wasn’t your fault.

Road safety is an ever-growing problem.  Distracted drivers and drunk driving are the leading causes of car accidents every year and consequently attribute to the most fatalities annually.  In addition to getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, there are other common dangers we face from simple mistakes like texting, eating, speeding, fatigue, applying makeup, listening to music, taking in the scenery, or dealing with other passengers while driving.  Even hands-free cell phone use can distract drivers enough to risk crashing.  The results from a serious traffic accident are usually significant and unpredictable, with damages to person and property, as well as causing financial hardship.

Our Firm Stands Ready to Represent You

We can defend your automobile accident rights for losses resulting from:

  • Medical Expenses

  • Lost Wages and Earning Capacity

  • Pain and Suffering

  • Loss of a Loved One

commercial vehicles

Demanding accountability for commercial vehicle accidents

Numerous accidents are caused by 18-wheeler commercial trucks. 18-wheelers are dangerous by nature. They have blind spots. They are huge and hard to maneuver. They weigh tons and are very difficult to slow and stop. Truckers can also carry tough deadlines and end up driving too tired on the road.

​Truck drivers, and trucking companies in particular, are required to follow strict federal safety regulations designed to prevent accidents on the road. However, pressure to increase profits or meet deadlines can lead to rules being ignored.  Innocent passengers often pay the price.

Types of Commercial vehicles can include:

  • Semi-Trailer Trucks

  • Box Trucks

  • Taxis

  • Uber/Lift Vehicles

  • Passenger and Coach Buses

  • Cargo Vans

  • Trailers and Travel Trailers

  • Commercial SUVs

  • Heavy Equipment (construction, farming, mining)

  • And Other Work-Related Vehicles

Automobile Collisions

Why do I need a lawyer?

The insurance companies already have teams of lawyers all over the country representing their interests—The question really is why would you want to go up against them alone?

I have considered that, but the insurance representative told me I don’t need a lawyer and that they will pay my claim without a lawyer.

Consider this, why do the insurance companies want to talk you out of getting a lawyer?
Because they know that if you hire a good lawyer, they will have to pay you what they owe.
In additions to teams of lawyers working to help insurance companies pay what they owe, they have trained adjusters whose only job is to pay you as little as possible.
The insurance company does not care about you. They will pay for a few treatments and then give you a minimum settlement to go away. Once you are stuck with an injury and not enough money to treat it, it may be too late to seek the services of a lawyer. The last thing an insurance company wants is for you to have a lawyer looking out for you.

My injuries are only minor. They will probably go away.

Even seemingly minor collisions can cause serious, and sometimes permanent injury. Often, the more sever symptoms develop over time. The insurance companies’ job is to pay you as little as possible, so that by the time you realize the seriousness of your injuries, you have already signed your rights away.
Your health is the most important thing to you. It is also the most important thing to us. Getting everything you deserve from an insurance company starts with getting well. We are here to make sure that you get the healthcare you need and then make sure that you get everything in terms of financial compensation that is available to you.

How can Galindo Law help?

For over 20 years, we have been protecting the rights of car wreck victims. We have the knowledge and dedication to fight the insurance companies all the way. Most claims settle before reaching the court room because we know how to stand up to insurance companies.
Sometimes the insurance companies won’t listen to reason. When this is the case,
Galindo Law has a proven track record of going to trial and winning.
We secure millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients every year.

18 Wheeler Collisions

How is an 18 wheeler collision different than a collision with a typical automobile?

18-wheelers are dangerous by nature. They have blind spots. They are huge and hard to
maneuver. They weigh tons and are hard to stop. They are often driven by drivers with
deadlines who are tired and should not be out on the road.

Because of the inherent dangerous 18 wheelers pose on our roads and highways, all 18-wheeler owners are required by law to carry a minimum of $1 million dollars in liability insurance to compensate the average drivers when they are injured due to the negligence of an 18 wheeler operator.
Because they are so huge, 18 wheelers collisions are much more likely to cause serious injury or death.
The insurance companies who issue policies to 18 wheeler drivers are just like the other
insurance companies, they have teams of lawyers looking out for them. Because the stakes are often higher, they often get the lawyers involved early and push very hard to have you make the mistake of trying to make a go of it without a lawyer.
Not every claim against an 18 wheeler’s insurance carrier is worth $1 million. As with all claims, the value depends on the extent of your injuries; your pain and suffering; and other factors such as the severity of the other driver’s negligence and lost wages. Cristobal Galindo, PC is here to maximize your settlement or jury award. The insurance company is there to minimize their payout.
We have 20 years of proven results taking on negligent 18 wheeler drivers and their insurance companies.

Uber, Lyft and other commercial vehicles

What if I get hit by an Uber or Lyft driver, or I am a passenger in a car driven by an Uber or Lyft driver?

If you are injured because of the negligence of an Uber or Lyft driver who is “on the clock” they have a $1 million commercial policy to cover your injuries. Because Uber and Lyft have put thousands of drivers out on the road without supervision, training or restraints on time on the road, they have created a dangerous hazard.
As is the case with 18 wheeler collisions, the severity of your injuries, pain, suffering and lost
wages will determine the value of your claim.
Cristobal Galindo, PC has been successfully representing clients against Uber, Lyft and their
insurance companies since this new transportation method arrived in our communities.

Are there other commercial policies?

Yes. Tow truck drivers, and several other commercial vehicles are required by law to have
liability insurance policies larger than the average person. You will need an experience attorney to help you navigate your claim, determine the value and keep the insurance companies from taking advantage of you.

Cristobal Galindo, PC is the best firm to help you from filing the claim, helping you find the best medical care and getting the highest settlement or award.