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Our Team of Trial Lawyers Is Here to Help Your Family Receive Justice and Maximum Compensation

You probably never thought you would ever be seriously injured in an accident—and that is only natural, because who likes to think about those things when he or she is leading a perfectly happy, healthy life? Unfortunately, because you did not anticipate the possibility of a catastrophic injury, you're probably at a stage now where you're extremely confused and wondering what to do next.

"How am I going to pay my medical bills?"

"Why is the insurance company trying to bully me?"

"What happens if I can never go back to work again?"

The first thing you need to do? Relax.

The team of experienced trial lawyers at Houston's Cristobal Galindo Law is here to make sure you get everything you need: justice, fair compensation for your injuries, respect, plenty of information, and peace of mind knowing you will be well taken care of.

Our Team of trial lawyers is here to help your family through this difficult time. Call the Law Offices of Attorney Cris Galindo and his team of personal injury attorneys to schedule a FREE consultation by calling 713-228-3030.

Professional Litigation Services for Your Houston-Area Personal Injury Case

We aren't afraid to fight for you. While some personal injury attorneys may simply try to settle your case outside of court, we are always ready to litigate if that’s what it takes to get the maximum amount available. We want to see you walk away satisfied, knowing that you've received a fair amount of money that will help cover all the costs associated with your life-changing accident.

Attorney Cris Galindo and his experienced team handle all types of accident cases that have resulted in a catastrophic injury. We are intimately familiar with how these injuries turn our clients' lives upside down and we feel very strongly about standing up for them. Examples of personal injury cases we litigate include:

  • Auto Accidents. We represent victims of auto accidents from Harris County, the Rio Grande Valley, and all over Texas. Our auto accident practice area encompasses any type of accident involving a motor vehicle, including truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and DWI crashes. We've even represented victims of plane crashes.
  • Workplace Injuries. Our legal services are not just limited to car accidents. When you're injured on the job, things can get messy if you find out your company does not subscribe to workers' compensation insurance. This is especially common with construction accident cases involving subcontractors and general contractors, but it can even happen with larger companies that you would assume have proper workers' compensation insurance.
  • Premises Liability.  The most common premises liability cases are "slip and fall" accidents, but they can be so much more than that. Any time you are injured on someone else's property, the question of whether or not the property owner could have prevented this accident comes to the forefront. Premises liability cases can be tricky, but with the right personal injury team on your side, you have a much better chance of receiving the compensation that you deserve.

Call Our Houston Personal Injury Law Firm for a Free Consultation

Cristobal Galindo Law is committed to taking care of you during one of the most stressful times of your life. With our experienced personal injury team on your side, you can rest easy knowing that Cris and his team are always making decisions with your best interests in mind.

Ready to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation? Call 713-228-3030 and we will work with you to figure out a convenient time for you to drop by our Houston office for a visit.

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Cristobal M. Galindo is licensed to practice in Texas, Arizona, and California. The firm is Houston based.