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You need attorneys that are tenacious and aggressive in pursuing your personal injury claim.


For 21 years, the Galindo Law Firm has been successfully winning and recovering financial compensation for accident, personal injury and insurance claims. We’ve been nationally recognized and successful in recovering millions for our clients.  Our firm handles even the most complicated cases. We have a strong, proven track record of identifying liable parties, calculating damages and delivering results throughout the U.S.  Our team is readily available to listen to your concerns, as well as provide you with care and guidance on your possible case.









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Our Mission is to Help Our Clients See Promise in a New Future

Our goal is to challenge your position as “victim”, and to transform it to “victorious.”

As your dedicated and experienced attorneys, we are vigilant in pursuing the highest settlement that can be awarded for your personal injury case. You need representation that sees you as more than a case, and serious advocates that are knowledgeable in the nature and severity of your extensive loss. We help mitigate burdens for our clients in regards to things like medical care, home, family and financial stability, pain and suffering, as well as other stresses and limitations. When all is said and done, our ultimate goal is to see you on the fairest road to healing and financial recovery.


Getting Justice for Your Personal Injury Claim is Not Left to Chance

You need a legal team that successfully advocates for your life-altering event. 

Your pain and suffering resulting from a major accident, personal injury, the loss of someone close to you, or even damage to your property, is understandably immeasurable. Your quality of life is vastly impaired. The psychological and emotional stress that you and your loved ones experience, in addition to the financial concerns and difficulties that occur, can be overwhelming, powerful, and shattering. At the Galindo Law Firm, we not only sympathize with your tragedy and hardships, but we are dedicated to empowering you with the ability to change your circumstances.


Giving You the Right Voice in Gaining Justice

Our team challenges negligence and recklessness, and fearlessly seek results.

There’s someone you can truly count on to represent you. Our team always means business, but more importantly, we are determined in improving your hardships and standard of living. We can help in your recovery and set you on the path to move forward.  Call the Galindo Law Firm today for a free case evaluation and find the care and attention you deserve.