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5 Tips for Victims of a Personal Injury or Accident

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

So the unthinkable has happened and you’re faced with a personal injury. What to do now? It is very common to have questions regarding the next steps or what to expect. After all, it is not every day that we are faced with such things. The good news is, you do not have to face this alone! As with most personal injury lawyers, consultations are free and relatively easy, and a legal case review can really help you understand your rights and options for moving forward. 

There are 5 simple tips to consider when you are the victim of a personal injury or accident:

  1. Don't wait to start your case From the initial shock to the disruption of your daily life, an accident or injury - whether major or minor – can overwhelm you and can almost break you emotionally, physically, or mentally. You just cannot afford to miss work, or do not have time to spare. Making appointments or going through a legal process seems daunting. There are always reasons victims hesitate or abandon their personal injury case, but the greatest tip we can give you is not to wait. Details and evidence can often be time-sensitive and affect your results. As soon as you can after an accident or injury, consult with an attorney.

  2. Hire an attorney you can trust Coping with an accident or injury is already considerably stressful. Finding the right legal team to guide you through the process and consistently support you throughout is crucial. You should never be treated as if you are just another case, be rushed or brushed off when it comes to your questions or concerns, and you should have the peace of mind that you are backed by someone that is working hard on your behalf. Make sure the attorney or their staff spend the time that you need to answer your initial questions in the consultation, but also make sure that the legal team is easily available, by text, email, or phone call, for questions that always come up later.

  3. Be consistent with your medical care It is extremely common after an accident for people to feel like they are fine, and that they have no injuries. The problem with this is the adrenaline or shock from the impact can really hide injuries that often do not show up for some time after the accident. Major or minor injuries can also worsen over time, so it is very important to consult a healthcare professional and pay close attention to new symptoms that develop after any collision.

  4. Keep a file for all case-related information One important tip for a personal injury case is to keep a file. Try and document everything throughout your experiences, from the actual event, as well as any communications or transactions that take place throughout. Store them all into one file, in one central location, so that it is very easy to refer back to as needed. Gathering evidence to support a lawsuit is critical, and your legal team will be needing important details to build your case. Make sure to take photos, jot down contact information for anyone you speak to, such as insurance companies and adjusters, and write descriptions of what took place during those interactions. Keeping a file will support your case and can help to maximize success.

  5. Avoid social media Social media networks, in many ways, help us feel connected and supported by those we love. Facebook, for instance, gives us an outlet to express our thoughts, feelings, and events with our network of family and friends. The problem is, that much of what we say or post can be seen by others and used against us in a personal injury lawsuit. Just as you build your case with evidence for your personal injury, the defending parties will work hard to gather their own evidence to support reasons you should not win. Social media is one way they can do this, as certain posts or images can discredit your claims. The best tip for those involved in a personal injury lawsuit is to avoid social media altogether. Otherwise, be sure to tighten security settings to only include friends, and try not to post anything that could be damaging to your case.

You will naturally have more questions about a personal injury or accident case, more than any one article can provide you.  If you need to talk to someone about your experience or to get a better idea of the legal process, we urge you to contact us at Galindo Law.  Consulting with our specialized team members will help answer any questions you may have and give you an idea of what to expect moving forward.

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